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Awww, my sisters came back yesterday! *squishes* They made a surprise out of it :D

Me: *phone rings* "Yes?"
Mona: "Guess who!"
Me: *rollseyes* "Michelle?"
Mona: "Phew!"
Me: "Sorry, hon. How's it going?"
Mona: "We just stopped and it's raining like woah."
Me: "Awww, man, that sucks. Here it's raining too."
Mona: "I know."
Me: O_o "Where are you?"
Mona: "Teehee!" *storms through door*
Me: "OMG!"

And then the greatest tacklegrouphug of all times took place. *grins* I really missed them. They bought me all sorts of cookies/sweets and a very stylish handbag. We're watching the movie Sea People on RTL II and eating self-made popcorn and pizza. *yum*

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! *hug flist*
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