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"I am Windows 98..."

"So, please do not shoot me? - Y/N"

I just managed to start my old laptop after three attempts! Go me!

It's from 1999 (survived the OMG!2000!NO! thing) and is still running on Windows 98. Okay, so I had to run the Safe Mode but it's actually responding to me!

I click on "Desktop" and "My Pictures" pops up... Well, that's just... so wrong.

But we're getting there. Somehow. *nods*

Just need to figure out which folder is which. Honestly, if they wanted to play peek-a-boo, they could have asked. Oh, wait, it's Windows 98...

"I'm feeling so old and outdated."

Tags: mercy: real life, misc: computer!love, misc: funfunfun, st. mercy

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