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In sickness and...

...yeah, well, still sickness. I've been sick since last Tuesday and only today I managed to look somewhat well.

No more throwing up and no more fever. Nothing wanted to stay in my stomach, so we had to work without pills. I hate nausea, esp if you have nothing to throw up. The feeling is so ewww. And the pain sucks too.

But no it's over and I have to work through alot of posts...

And I want to wish pirateexchange and hipapheralkus two Happy belated Birthdays with lots of cake and gifts *hugs tight*

I also made icons from Primeval, Tochwood and Earth 2. Only shippy ones ^^' Oh and funny text icons, esp for billy_red_ocean *knuff*

I hope you all are well! Luv you! *clings to f'list*
Tags: !birthdays, art: icons, mercy: real life, st. mercy, st. mercy: friends
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