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*le sigh*

It's official: I'm s sucker for romace novels. Seriously, I love to read them because there is something that just makes me go all girly and awww ^^

Thanks to billy_red_ocean for reminding me to buy books (you know what I mean *smirks*) and lorettakay for the rec of Rachel Gibson. I bought
  • Truly Madly Yours

  • Sex, Lies, and Online Dating

  • See Jane Score

I already have Daisy's Back in Town, The Trouble with Valentine's Day and I'm in No Mood for Love. There's so much girl power and lots of love =D

Oh and I bought The Traveling Wilburys Collection (Digipak inkl. 2 CDs & DVD) *bounces*

Thank god for book sets and vouchers!

Edit: Oh and this is my new dA ID. I tried some new coloring :)

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