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Good times...

Woah, anyone wanting lots of sun and cold drinks? I'm offering! We have like +30°C and the sun is shining 24/7... this is paradise ^^

Earlier I tried my hand on my photo project again. I couldn't really use the dress I told you about, kateheightmeyer *meh* but I think the photos still look good ^^

Savin' Me
Running Up That Hill
To The Moon & Back
Love Is A Battlefield

I'm also working on a new layout for street_of_mercy. It will probably be a mix from the two profile layouts I posted there... though my muse can't really decide *rollseyes*

@ lorettakay: ZOMG, hun!!! You are the shrek-iest friend ever! The cokkies/sweets are so yummy and cute ♥ The glass is already in use (green lemon!) and the McDonald's toys are so much fun =D Especially the Shrek Mad Libs *giggle* You, girl, are teh awesomeness *glomps* *squishy*

*luffs her f'list*
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