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Horses and families...

I'm the proud (and totally hyper, bouncy and squeeing like mad) owner of the fourth and fifth season of McLeod's Daughters. I got them from the customs today and drove my uncle (who went there with me) compeletely crazy 'cause I was talking nonstop about the show ^^'

My mother just patted me and said, tell me when you're back from fangirl-land... *squishy*

Speaking of mother...

Mom: "What are you doing?"
Me: "Cutting apples for the fruit salad." *yummy*
Mom: "Just be careful not to cut yourself."
Me: "Awww, that's so sweet of you to care."
Mom: "I was more concerned with having to clean up your blood..." *totally serious face here*
Me: "Ô_o" *WTH face here*
Mom: "It was a joke." *grins*
Me: "..." *phew*

You can totally feel the love. Btw, the preparation of the salad was finished without spilling blood from anyone =)
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