Mercy (mercscilla) wrote,

That's all I have to say...

I know, I'm not going to make friends with this post. I know, some of you will disagree with me and/or want to bite my head off.

We all know about the so-called "Strikethrough 2007" here on LiveJournal. But seriously, people...

  1. first of all, please, please stop using these icons "Never Forget - 29/05/07" or "LiveJournal - where writing fanfiction means your're a pedo" and so on. They are stupid, childish, embarrassing and completely missing the point. You have no idea how outsiders start to think about us. And believe me, it is not something we can be proud of.

  2. would it hurt to dig a little deeper before you go on a witch hunt? If you had done that, you would have found out that Warriors for Innocence is indeed working with the Law Enforcement and other organisations that are trying to report sites which consist of Child Rape, Child Molestation, Child Sex, Child Porn.

    Sites like ANU or CLogo. From the first site a user links to his livejournal. His first one was shut down and only a few days later this new one was up and running.

    You see, there are journals of pedophiles among us. And it's not the only one: Pedoblog Tracker has got a long list with journals suspended or deleted. Some of the journal names tell you exactly what the journal was all about.

  3. it's not the first time, pedoblogs have been shut down. On Blogger/Blogspot and MySpace is happened last month. You don't have to freak out like some of you did. I know that innocent journals/communities went down but you can talk to the LJ Team and they will restore your journal/community.

    If anyone is to blame for this, it is LiveJournal because they screwed up and not groups like Warrior for Innocence or Pedoblog. LiveJournal was too rash in its attempt to shut down suspicious journals/communities.

  4. I have the feeling that you are more concerned with the "Strikethrough" itself than why it happened. It looks as if you value free speech more than the safety of a child. (Absolute Zero)

  5. what angers me the most is that these monsters are not only abusing children, they are also betraying my trust in LiveJournal. I have a 13-year old sister that got a journal here. I'm thankful that LiveJournal finally took actions against those who would love nothing more than to violate here, be it in their mind, be it online or wherever.

This is my personal opinion and since you all are so insisting on free speech, I will stand by it. Like I said, things could have done better by LiveJournal but that is not reason enough to go against WFI.

Feel free to shoot me now. Afterall, we're the world of free speech, right?

(Please excuse any mistakes - I'm way too angry and fed up with this right now)
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