Mercy (mercscilla) wrote,

London on the 7th of July

I don't want to rant or anything like this but I'm still all worked up.
I had to write something and so I imagined a scenario in one of the tubes. It's nothing special, my thoughts are still mixed-up. I just wrote down what came to my mind. At the end it got a little clíchéd.

Darkness. Screaming. Shattered glass. Wet and warm. 'Wet? It's not raining.' She thought. And then it all came back.

A young mother, her daughter smiling and humming. An elderly pair, grasping each others hand. Young people, talking about the new movie. Some punks playing a non-exsisting guitar. Behind his newspaper a man hid. An older woman, reading as if there was no tomorrow. Blinding light and then nothing....

'... not tomorrow...' She opened her eyes. Flickering lights. Voices, crying, wimpering, and... prayers. And more prayers. There was a voice near her ear.

"Can you hear me, Miss? Miss, try to move your hand if you cannot talk."

'Where am I?' She turned her head to the right side. Eyes filled with concern greeted her.

"W... what...?" She coughed. 'Why is it so dark?'

"Careful there, Miss. Here drink." A bottle was pressed to her lips. 'Thirsty...'

The cold water brougth relief. After some heartbeats she gave the bottle back. 'The light has gone out...'

"T...than...k you." The eyes smiled down on her.

"Can you stand? We need to find a way..." She nodded and hands helped her to stand.

The first thing she saw was the little girl. Big, round eyes filled with so much fear... She kneeled down.

"Hey, sweety. You ok? Where's your mom?" A small, dusty hand ('So small and fragile.') pointed to the left.

The mother laid unconscious on her back. A man, maybe a doctor, feeled her pulse. He looked up and smiled encouraging. "She will be ok."

The girl reached up and hugged her. The small head found rest on her shoulder.

"Shhh, everything will be ok." Behind the child she saw the eyes again. He smiled and turned towards another group of men. She stood up, the girl still embraced. Everyone had cuts, bruises and dust on them. 'We will need a long shower...'

"What happened?" Shoulders were shrugged, heads shaked and the fear of being lost was evident in every face. The doctor-man came over.

"Several injuried, six severe ones but they are alive just like we are." She exhaled. 'Alive...'

"Can we find a way out of here?" Uncomfortable looks. 'We're in a tunnel...'

The eyes closed for a moment. "We can get out but we have to break more windows. It will be difficult to breathe. There's smoke. It's getting worse every minute.

Disbelief and more fear. 'I should have stayed home...'

"Please, stay calm." Voices died down. "We all will come out of this alive." Two men moves towards the windows and began breaking them, the othesr followed.

She turned to the doctor-man. "What will we do with the six ones?" He thought for a moment. "It will be difficult but we have to take them with us. Somehow."

The girl was watching silently. "Your mommy will be ok." She caressed the girl's hair. "We all will be ok." 'I pray to God that we will be...'

Suddenly shouts were heard. 'More smoke?'

"We have to hurry..." But instead of panic everyone was calm. One by one climbed throught the shattered windows. As it was her turn the eyes were waiting for her.

"I'll take her." The girl hugged her tighter. "Only for a moment, honey, ok." As fast as possible she climbed to the ground. "Thanks." The eyes watched her closely. "You still ok?"

"Yes, but I'll be better as soon as are out of here.

"Careful, she's still unconscious." The mother was lifted out of the train. Everyone had left the train.

Slowly they began the long way to the light. Smoke filled the air and it was dark. Only emergency lights were on. They walked in small groups. Talking softly, giving encouraging words to those who needed them. Helping those who were too weak. The eyes were at her side, having a close eye on herself and the girl.

She was still caressing the girl. Humming.

After an eternity the air got easier to breathe. Someone shouted. 'Finally light.' The younger ones, the ones with minor injuries, began to run.

Everywhere were helpers. A nurse came to her. "Miss, I have to take a look at your eyebrow. 'Oh, I'm injuried....?'

"I'm ok, but could you help her mother?" She pointed to the woman, lying on the ground.

The nurse shouted for a doctor. They immidiatly began to examine the girl's mom. She sat down on the stairs.

"I don't even know your name."

In a small voice the girl answered. "Faith."

She smiled. "Mine is Hope. Nice to meet you, Faith."

Faith lookes up. "Will mommy be ok?"

"Yes, she will. And you, too..."

It may have not been hell, but it had been a close call. And still... even destruction and violence weren't able to kill Hope and Faith. Nothing would be able to. These two were part of mankind and would be forever...

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