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Shrek the Third

Mom and I watched Shrek the Third in iPod format (which is all kind of wired if you're two people...) and I think it's the best so far. It's more serious, way darker and tells us so much about love, famliy and friendship.

Shrek, Donkey and Puss plus a way-too-hot-for-an-animated-character Artie are trying to find their way as well as Fiona and her princess-friends (seriously, Snow White is so kicking behinds *nods*). They are not only fighting Prince Charming but also their inner demons.

The fitting in the king-and-queen clothes was ♥ They looked so hilarious cute! Fiona was quite the beauty but Shrek was so... icked *lol*

It was terrible to see Fiona's father dying since I never really thought it would happen. I loved his froggy self *sniff* The burial scene was so beautiful and yet so sad. One of the best of the whole film.

Fiona is pregnant. Shrek is not amused and has nightmares. *gigglefits* *snort*

Team Shrek in higschool had me going all giggling. Seriously, there are so many funny things happening in the background, you have to watch the scenes more than once to get them all xD And enter Artie. Is it bad that I oggled an animated character? He's such a hottie. Lancelot was just meh.

Team Fiona having a baby-shower with all the princesses is <3 OMG I love Larry King as Doris' voice, she is one of my favourite characters.

Team Shrek trying to get back and messing everything up with Artie. Goody. Prince Charming going all villian. That guy sucks. And Team Fiona getting locked up is not great either.

Merlin!? Craziest guy ever! At least he brought them back. Somewhat. Donkey and Puss playing switch-my-body is <3 Donkey-in-Puss trying to make a circle in a window is so cute.

So, Charming caught everybody. These scenes, were everyone is locked up and losing hope, with 9 Crimes as the background song, are the most terrific ones.

The final showdown and how everyone got their fair share of kicking animated behinds ^^ Loved it!

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