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Stargate Atlantis New Story

I wrote this short, really short story late at night when my shower had a malfunction ;-)! It's my first one.
Title: Ancient Fates playing matchmaker
Author: Mercscilla
Date: May 2, 2005
Rating: PG
Pairing: Weir/Sheppard
Summery: too short, just read ;-)
Category: Humor, Romance
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: I'm just giving them a nice timeout. They DO NOT belong to me.


Well, somehow she knew it would happen. Whenever the Ancient Fates decided to play matchmaker, they always hit the wrong ones.

"Why does these things always happen to me?", Elizabeth asked herself. With a heavy sigh she stepped out of her room and walked down the corridor. "The thirteenth time. It's getting old." She should really do something against it.

"John? Are you in there, darling?" John's head snaped up.

"Darling? Oh, not again.", he thought. He should really do something against it.

His door opened with a "woosh" and revealed the stressed face of Elizabeth.

"We really, really have to tell 'them' that they need to update their database.", John said with the grin. "Their one is still sooo 'ancient', ain't it?"

"Oh, can it, John. It is not yours that's broken. Again, may I add."

Elizabeth crossed John's room and went into the adjoining room. John followed her: "Do you think they fear we gonna... you know."

"No, I think they are just too old to remember.", the sarcasm was not lost on John. "And don't you laugh at me, mister." She sighed: "Why us?"

"Hey, we're their favourite one. They just want to make sure we don't... stop."

"But every week? Thirteen weeks in a row." Elizabeth thought for a moment. "Wow, they do like us, you're right. But please, send them a message which makes it clear that we're never gonna stop."

"I will tell it the Ancients. And now, sweetheart, lets get you warmed up. Although their trick is getting old, I still like it. Don't you?", John smirked down at Elizabeth. She blushed and kissed his cheek. "You know me too good, darling."

John groaned: "You'll never gonna live me this one down, will you? I can't really stand it but I like what comes after that." Elizabeth giggled and stepped through the door.

The Ancient Fates may be hopeless romantic and use the same trick all the time but John and Elizabeth didn't really mind. There was no chance in hell, they would break up. After all, a broken shower had it advantages.
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