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I feel love...

Mom and I had a mother's weekend: Saturday I banned her from our kitchen and baked apple cookies for three hours. She decided that I look quite cute when covered in flour (seriously, it was not my fault that the package exploded!) and that my cookies are the best *awww* Yeah, we ate them all on Saturday while watching Jurassic Park I + II *headdesk*

I can't believe the first Jurassic Park movie is from 1993. The effects are brilliant *luffs* It was this movie that made me fall even more in love with dinosaurs ^^ All the others that came after it are just so lala and were never as great as the first one; at least in my eyes.

Sunday morning I surprised my mom with tea and raspberry cake (my first cake that kept its shape *grins*) and I learned that you should never bet aganst your mother - you will always lose *sigh* I bet that Fernando Alonso would win in Barcelona and mom said, Felipe Massa would. Now I have to let her play hairdresser *meep*

It's a tad late but I hope all the mothers on my f'list had a wonderful and lovely MOTHER'S DAY! *grouphugs*
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