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Drifting in time...

Time is relative. For my mother it is going way to slow and for me it is never there. But we learned to share ^_____^

The last four days were busy with organising company stuff because we finally have a computer in the office! After decades of flying paperwork... Most of our clients data will be moved from folders to the computer and guess who will have to supervise that process? It will be so much fun... *lalala*

On the other hand, I know now that I'm not a maybe-person. I like decisions to be made, of course with enough time to evaluate every possibility. But in the end I want a clear decision. Sometimes I'm getting on my own nerves with that attitude *sigh*

And finally: I have now Photoshop Illustrator CS2. Go me! I'm still trying to figure out how it really works (especially the vector stuff) since it is quite different from Photoshop CS2 but I'm managing ^^ Designing is love *nods* And I have now my own deviantART account *bounce*

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and may you all have a good week *huggles f'list* Love you all!
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