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Final Fantasy VII AC Music Video

OMG, Billy (billy_red_ocean), you remember when I went all "omgsqueesohot" about Loz/Tifa and their figth scene? (Still do btw - I'm hopeless *sigh*) I finally found the music video I heard about ^_____^

It took me some time to find it: First I googled, then was sent to Wikipedia, from there to Youtube and then I finally found it (plus the song and a dl version ^^)

Ivy feat. Wheesung - 유혹의 소나타 (Sonata of Temptation)

Download Song (4.68 MB) | Download Music Video (32.2 MB)

The music video was cause of a controversy because the recreation of the fight scene was not permitted. But... I love the fight scene! They've done a really good job at them XD
Tags: movie pairing: tifa/loz, movie: final fantasy vii advent children
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