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Good, bad and annoying things

I've learned a few things in the last days. Bad things, good things and annoying ones.

My mother has chronic bronchitis and has to wait over a year until she will feel remotely better. The last weekend it was really bad, she coughed almost every five minutes and the pressure upon her chest made it difficult for her to take a breath. Today was the first time in weeks we were able to sleep for a little over seven hours straight. If the year is going to be like today, with cough-attacks every hour or so and nearly no pressure on her chest, we would be really happy.

I know now how my shippy!fangirl radar works *meep* Last Sunday, we watched Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. The second the OMGSODAMNHOTANDLEATHERSEX figth scene between Loz and Tifa started, my inner shippy!fangirl went wild. It made me go all squee over Loz/Tifa and looking quite dazed and then I forced my mother to watch the scene again and again and again. Bad Mercy. But apparently my shippy!fangirl totally digs fight scenes between a guy and girl. My shippy!fangirl shuts my cool self out and takes control. I'm not exactly amused.

I've seen alot of people doing friend-cuts. I will not do that! It's one of these annoying things. I mean, everyone of you got a RL, right? (If not, get one at IKEA for free.) And we all know that RLs can be bitches most of the time. It's not that we do not want to stay away from LJ but it's RL that keeps us from LJ. And so it comes that from time to time people are a little bit absent from their f'list and don't talk much to their friends. To me that is not a reason to cut them off. You can expect them to talk to you every single day!

And yeah, I know, with over 200 friends it's not easy talk to them all but that's why someone invented filters! Nifty thing. I divided you all into five groups, from A to Z. And so I'm able to work through them from day to day ^^

And look who visited us today. It's the second time this year and the ninth in four years. We are quite popular among the bid population *grins* (posted to 365_memories)

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