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Book Recommendation

Last Thursday I bought two books of a new series by Stephenie Meyer.

The first is called Twilight (German: Biss zum Morgengrauen) and the second New Moon (German: Biss zur Mittagstunde). (The links go to Wikipedia and there are spoilers!!!)

A third (called Eclipse) is planned as well as a movie adaption.

Plot Outline:

It's about a girl, Bella Swan, who moves to a little town called Forks where she meets Edward Cullen, a charming and myterious young boy. In the beginning it seem as if he hates her but throughout the story it's revealed that he's a vampire and Bella's blood calls him.

I love, love, the way Meyer writes as well as the characters. Especially Bella and Edward ^^

If you're interested, there are a few communities dealing with the books:

- twilight_byte - a newsletter
- twilight_book - dedicated to the books
- twilight_series - a general site
- heroin_blood - a Edward/Bella community

And of course the site of Stephenie Meyer ->
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