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Life Update

First of all I want to thank you all for you support. You have no idea how much it means to me. You are truely the best friends ever ^_____^

Family Ties

Dad has finally moved into the flat and we (my sisters and I) had paint-duty this week. He wanted the walls to be white again because he rather likes to stick all kind of things to them. And apparently it looks cooler on white walls.
But the best thing is, he's looking for a kitchen. A "Super-Sekrit-Kitchen-Base". One that superheroes have and that can defend you food... Like the one we saw at The problem is, it's not exactly cheap and so dad went to Michael (friend who's a genius when it comes to DIY) and did a weird guy thing and now Michael will hopefully build this kitchen for dad.
We are currently in his flat, having a house-warming party-thingy and waiting for our pizza. Dad decided to watch 'Threshold' with us and ZOMG, it's such a great sci-fi show! Aliens rewriting our DNA... *luffs*
Right now, time-out cause pizza is not here yet, Jacky needs more Cola, Mona wants sweets, Michelle hangs up-side down on the couch and dad is on the phone with Michael. Oh yeah, and I do updates ^^
It feels great to go back to normal at least a little bit.


Dark Horse

Synopsis: After her entire clan was massacred, a young woman assumes her brother's identity and becomes a warrior - all to exact revenge upon the chieftain who ordered her family slain. But the chieftain, Lord Medb, has resurrected the forbidden art of sorcery and plans to destroy all who oppose him in this dark ages fantasy world.

Mary H Herbert was one of the only fantasy authors my mom every read and one of the first she recommened to me. The Gabria series is my all-time favourite and definitely one of the best.

Size 12 is not fat

Synopsis: At 28, former teen-pop-star Heather Wells feels as though she has lost everything: her family and fortune (her mom fled the country with Heather's earnings), her recording contract, her slender waistline, and her fiance, Jordan, a philandering, boy-band singer. Then Jordan's brother, Cooper, a dreamy private investigator and family black sheep, offers Heather room and board in exchange for clerical work, and she finds an additional job as a residence-hall director at a nearby Greenwich Village university. After several female students turn up dead at the dorm, Heather takes on her own stealthy investigation and finds herself the target of the killer.

*giggle fits* I LOVE this series! Funny, sarcastic and totally my style ^^ You will LOVE it, too *nods*

CSI New York 3x18 - Sleight out of Hand

WE ARE SO GOING TO BE CANON, BABY! Danny and Lindsay were this close to kiss *squeals* The last minutes were really intense, they didn't need to say anything. I loved how Danny went to Montana to stand right by Lindsay's side *melts* My fangirl is teh happiness right now ^^ TPTB can be really nice if they want to *grins*

Heroes 1x17 - Company Man

ZOMG *iz ded* This was the best episode of the whole season. Seriously. I mean, did you see Claire after Ted went boom and she came out of the house? It freaked my out. In a good way ^^ Such a tragic and heroic episode *sobs* And the scene where Claire's not-dad talked to Hiro's dad? I went all 'eep, they know eachother!' and then Claude 'popped up' and OMG the end! *thud* Want more.

McLeod's Daughters 7x04 - Thicker Than Water

Yup, knew Marcus was Alex' brother. Kinda had the feeling from the beginning. And the boxing fight? *swoons* Can I have that in slow-motion, please? Sweating, half-naked, HOT men getting dirrty... *mind went bye-bye* Stevie is such a cutie. I always want to cuddle her when she and Alex meet. She acts so insecure and you can see how much she wants to be with him *sigh* Oh. the angst... At least the Season Seven promo was very promising ^^

Prison Break - 2x16 Chicago (and tiny itsy bitsy 2x17/2x18)

Woah, Sara hates Kellerman much, huh? The scene in the train was awesome (not the OMGKISS scene) but the one where she strangled Kellerman. Although I can understand why she did it. My favourite scene (next to the OMGKISS scene) was the one at the train station when Lincoln comforted Sara *awww* Loved that one ^^ And the angst, baby! They know how to make your heart go all boom... Michael is again going to be sooooo dommed *nods*


Aliens come to Earth and cause we are soooo uncool decide to rewrite our DNA. Could've told them that their plan sucked *nods* I don't understand why they cancelled the show (no one can understand TPTB...) but I'm glad I get to see at least the episodes that were produced. You should give it a try ^^ And I'm totally shipping Molly/Cavennaugh...

So, that's it for now. Pizza is here (finally after half an hour of waiting for it Ô_o) and we can continue watching 'Threshold'... Love you guys . Take care of yourself *tackle hugs*
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