August 10th, 2012

[Misc] Text - love you

It's been a while... -_-

More like four months though I haven't really been absent, just doing a lot of lurking and drifting. *sigh* After the cancellation of Terra Nova I felt a bit lost and started hogging and spamming tumblr. Still do it but since there's no fandom that caught me like TN did (and does), it's more like a multi-fandom-hopping. :D

And then there were xfirefly9x and kateheightmeyer, who NUDGED ME AND MADE MY EMAIL GO PING! xD So, might as well come back to my first true love and invest more time here since you guys are still my best friends. <3 A little overview of what happened in the last few weeks...

Collapse )

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So far, so good. ♥♥♥♥

*squishes f'list* Love you, guys! <3
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