July 17th, 2011

[Primeval] Becker/Jess - brilliant

Fiction | A Hundred Days [Becker/Jess]


It's pretty angsty. And dark. But the prompt just screamed for that and well, my muse just did her thing. O_o The other story I'm writing on is more PWP (though there is a plot. Somewhere.) and definitely sweeter. Total opposite. *lol*

Title: A Hundred Days
Rating: R
Warning: Violence, suicidal thoughts, character death
Word Count: 2615
Genre: Drama/Angst/Romance
Summary: He never loses hope, never gives up, even though it's driving him mad. And then the day is here. He can save her.
Author's Note: Written for the "Just Kiss Her Already" drabble tag hosted by hurricanepixie and the prompt 'Becker comes back from a mission where he was forced to go through an anomaly to find that Jess' presence at the ARC has been erased a la Claudia Brown. No one remembers her at all - he's the only one' by taraljc.
Author's Note #2: This is my first Becker/Jess story. I didn't plan for it to be this dark and angsty but the prompt run away with my muse. There is however a happy ending. Sort of.

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