January 4th, 2011

[Misc] Text - love you

I fail at friendshipping.

Oh my, I totally forget to do it and that makes me feel really, really bad. *hides in corner* Today lorettakay's package arrived and I was reminded that I forget to thank all those who sent me cards and gifts. I fail at friendshipping. Like woah. O_o

Let's correct that. *nods*

wickedvengeance, thank you so much for the beautiful penguins card! ♥

atomicpagan Jo! *tacklehugs* Those little penguins need some serious hugging! I love it so much! <3

xfairy1013 Oh, Sere! *squishes* I love your cute card and the Christmas recipe! You always have the most unique cards. :D

lemon_tree_x *knuddel* Janina, das ist so eine knuffige Weihnachtkarte! Vielen, vielen Danke, Süße! ♥

koryou I already said it but I'll say it again: ZOMG, COOKIES AND BROWNIES! And of course the awesome gifts. :D Atta, girl! *suqishes*

scout78 You always know how to make me smile and go all melt-y. ♥ The cap is so cute and the other gifts are just as wonderful. Thank you, hon! *tacklehugs*

ankareeda OMG!Books and the cutest little calendar card I have seen in a loooong time. ♥ You rock, Andy! *cuddles*

lorettakay ZOMG, Lori! You made my day. Your gifts are so special and unique, they always make that big shiny smile appear! :D I love you. ♥

BIG SHINY HUGS AND KISSES TO YOU! I love you all so much. :)
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