September 24th, 2010

[Stock] Birthday Bear


AWWWW, my friends are all made of AWESOME! ♥ I love you so freaking much!!!!! (Family isn't bad, either. *lol*)

Thank you so much for the lovely and wonderful birthday wishes, purpletrance (Strawberry & Coffee - OH YES! *squishes*), quiet_elle (*hugs*), erinm_4600 (CAKE MUCH?!?! *lolz*), lorettakay (*loves you*), vickysg1 (*squishes*), the_lady_revan (*hugs*) and xfairy1013 (*squishes*)! :D

And thank you for the b-day mail/comment-wishes, Ash, Valérie, Tracy and Suvi! *bounce*

Ebenfalls ganz herzlichen Dank an riekchen (*knuddel*), jr_moon (*knuff*), niila_nueva (*zurückumarm wie dolle*), dark_oracle_ran (*ganz dolle lieb hat*), lemon_tree_x (OMG, die beste eCard EVAR! *knuddel*) und kateheightmeyer (SCHOKI!!! *lieb hat & abknuddel*) für die lieben und knuffigen Burzeltagsgrüße! ^^

And from the craziest people in the universe ankareeda, scout78 and koryou:

Left: Andy's gifts - Thank you so much, my Andy-Star! *smoothes* I was waiting for How to kill a Mocking Bird like crazy! ^^

Middle: Dani's gifts - OMG, PRIMEVAL'S 3RD SEASON! I squeed the house down. xD I can't wait to watch it! You are crazy but OMG, I love you so much for it! <3

Right: Meike's gifts - You realize that I'm going to read those at the office, right? =D Next week will be FUN! Btw, where's the naked man? *rotfl*

Roses - from my brother, his mother and his girlfriend. 26 +1 for the next year.

Front - Dad and Mom gave me a golden bracelet and my mother also went artistic-crazy on the envelope of their card... *snickers*

Front Middle - mini-cakes with lots, LOTS of sugar-ish stuff by a family friend who owns a pastry shop/confectionary.

SheepWorld (Dani), four seasons (Mom & Dad) and Disney (Andy) - LOVE! :)

The day was very quiet, even work stood more or less still for the day. *g* And even though it was the start of autumn, the sun was up aaaaall day long. We had a small family party wth my sibling and parents. All in all it was a perfect day. :)

I am the luckiest girl to have you all as friends. *squsihes* ♥I hope I didn't miss any birthday-wish post! *worries*
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