August 14th, 2010

[Misc] Quote - fandom drug

Coming...for you and your television. Or theater.

God, the year is looking better and better. ♥ So many great movies and new shows sploding all over the place. *nods* Too bad there aren't more information yet for all these.

Fading of the Cries @ IMDb (movie) This is by far my favourite. I love underrated movies SO MUCH! xD

Skyline @ IMDb (movie) Creepy. Seriously creepy. O_o

The Walking Dead @ IMDb (television) Uhm, yeah, zombies and I have a love/hate-relationship. This one I'm still not sure about...

Next year there wil be Falling Skies, another television production by none other than Steven Spielberg. There are a few images from the CC panel. So far I haven't found a teaser/trailer but I gues it won't be long.