August 1st, 2010

[Predators] Isabelle - hunter prey

Beastly (New Trailer)

I was originally looking for new Resident Evil and Predators features at Blog when I stumbled over the new movie Beastly which (is supposed) to come out next spring.

A sort of remake of the tale of The Beauty and the Beast. Okay, it's a bit more teen-ish but seriously, if you can't get smushy romance and drama in RL, where else can you turn but fiction? xD

There is already a community for the movie at beastly_movie.
[Emoticon] *headdesk*

U-20 Women's World Cup 2010 Final

*sigh* So, we won but seriously, do you have to bomb us with fireworks afterwards? BAMBOOMBOOM.

(Uhm, yes, the final was in my super-tiny hometown. O_o Got invaded by hordes of fans with horrible singing voices and no coordination.)

I live 400 meters away from the stadium and we get it all. GEEZ!
[Predators] Royce/Isabelle - guns

Rec | Fanfiction #012

ZOMG, first Predator story! *flails* With Royce/Isabelle. Seriously, people, why is there no fandom out there for this movie? O_o

Fandom: Predators | Royce/Isabelle
Story: Purgatory
Author: irony_rocks
Rating/Warnings: Hard R, sex, violence, language
Summary: Post-movie. The jungle is always quiet at night. Except, of course, for when it isn’t.
Status: One-Shot