July 20th, 2010

[Predators] Royce/Isabelle - promo

Gah, workworkWORK!

The last few days (weekend as well) was a bit too busy for my liking but we had to re-organize alot of stuff in the office and suddenly there is more space. O_o

I just logged in for a few minutes to post my contribution to the stargateland challenges and had hoped to be able to read my f'list but no such luck. *sigh* My family has no skills when it comes to organization. It always me who makes the best of the situation. Meh.

Thank god the weather wasn't killing me though it's starting to get hot again. *headesk* But as long as it stays under 30 °C, I'm cool. *lol*

Now, I am off to see... PREDATORS!!! *flails* Adrien Brody as Royce and Alice Braga as Isabelle! I can't wait to see those two. :D Shallow, I know, but I love me some ship in such a great movie. ♥

*squishes friendlies*
[Predators] Royce/Isabelle - guns

Hunt me, baby, one more time...


It was awesome and terrifying and woah!action and woah!sexy and have I mentioned AWESOME?

I'm too hyper to say anything but AWESOME, so I'll wait till I am on ground-level again (which means tomorrow afternoon) and write about it.

But Adrien Brody as Royce and Alice Braga as Isabelle were LOVE! Oh, and once or twice it was like "Mommy, do we follow Daddy?" which totally headdesked the moment but was very rotfl-worthy. Srsly. *nods*

Awesome. More awesomeness tomorrow. ♥

Can't wait for screencaps. Need to picspam. *sigh*