June 27th, 2010

[SGU] Chloe - yoga

Piming faith_springs!

faith_springs faith_springs faith_springs

Sharing the positive in life and experience.

hoperomantic's community:

Much of the world, and indeed, cyberspace is fast paced, stressful, and often overwhelmingly negative. I felt the need for some small corner of it all that was not. A place to light a candle, meditate... breath...

So the shrine of the four winds came into being... *grin*

While I was taking a moment, I thought that it might be nice if I could share this small place. It's nothing fancy, just a quiet place to take a moment to remember that, “faith manages.”

Is there something you'd like to share, some prayer or inspiration that helps you cope? Are there daily rituals that you think help you through difficult times, or even just as a matter of course? Is there a song, or a poem, or a quote that makes you feel good and you'd like to share with others? Is there just something beautiful that you think everyone should see?

This is the place for that.
[Emoticon] *rotflmao*

Snakes on a plane

*rotfl* I didn't notice before because honestly? I skipped that part every time but now when it was aired on television I couldn't escape and who did I see? koryou, you will love it. ♥

Taylor Kitsch! Albeit it's a short scene but it's the bathroom-sex(hence the skipping)-bitten-by-snakes scene and that means he is half-naked. NAKED! xD

Yum. Too bad he's gone so fast. *sigh*