June 11th, 2010

[SG] Trinity

Boinc. *pokes*

Ha! We got heat (30 °C...) since Monday and not only I melted but the network of the city as well. The internet connection in the west of the city was unstable for most of the week and it was a touch and go for me. So I decided to rather enjoy the superwarmhotmetling weather and wait till they solved the problem.

Which they seem to have done...but now the east has problems with their electricity. Epic fail. *lulz* The weather, especially the heat during the day and the thunderstorms at night, seems to take its toll on everything.

What made up for being melted on a daily base was the package amanda_is_wacky send me. The Stargate SG1 Character Cardz disks with Jack, Sam, Daniel and Teal'c! *fangirls* OMG, girl, you are so made of awesome!!! *squishes*

And I finally found my Stargate SG1 clock again! WHEEEE! xD You got it when you bought all eight (I think) seasons of SG1 in that special silver edition some years ago. ♥ It got all nine chevrons and every single symbol that's on the original plus an iris. \o/

I also have a magnet board from Stargate Atlantis with the team from S1/S2 (Elizabeth! Carson! *clings*) but that's currently missing as well... *headdesk*

Actually the whole Stargate Series seems to be my favourite fandom right now. We are afterall being spoiled to no end. Two channels air SG1, SGA and SGU throughout the week. *bounce* I LOVE IT! =D

On a side note: I had to redo parts of my Scrapbook 2010 because they went missing (what it is with me and things going awol?) and so I changed a few bits. *nods*

Oh and you can send out Julian, I mean, a Lemur to your friendlies. ♥

To the rest of my friendlies: I love you. :)