June 6th, 2010

[Misc] Text - (d)rifting

Lazy. Laaaazy. xD

Ah, it finally found its way to us. The precious sun. SUN. Friday was the first day the weather went from chilly Spring to hot Summer. And ever since there has been only sun. *flails*

I LOVE IT!!! Spent the last two days and today in the little backyard. It's actually a blessing that the neighbour's tree is shadowing most of it because otherwise I would have gotten one hell of a sunburn. This way Mom and I enjoyed the really warm, humid air without the killer sun. *lol*

We consumed a lot water and orange juice, strawberries and apples, not to mention frozen raspberries. Best "ice" ever. ♥ If the week is going to be the same, I won't mind the work. Only five days till the next weekend. ^^

And before I forget it, if you are a fan of Stayne & Alice from the 2010 movie Alice in Wonderland, please come and join staynexalice for the