May 28th, 2010

[Stock] Muffin

Cupcakes! NomNomNom...

Just got home from work and buying food to survive the impending weekend. Lots of healthy stuff (tomatoes, yoghurt, avocado, leaven bread rolls) and a few sweet things (raspberry cake, raisins & nuts, soy cacao) though knowing me and my mom, we're going to have to buy food again on Monday, *rotfl*

We're going to order pizza in a few minutes but I had to check my laptop (actually LJ) first and saw CUPKAES! news is handing them out if you tell them which tv show you miss the most.

STARGATE SG-1. The old team. *sniffs* I really miss everyone from that show. Even the bad guys. O_o

Let's have a CUPCAKE PARTY! xD

And seriously people, flower header again? *sigh*
[Misc] Moonlight

Transformer music in Germany? WTF?

Hahaha, OMG, I totally freaked my Mom out when I saw the preview for the German series Terra X.


Then I searched the website of the channel and found the 43mins long video of Deutschland von oben - Land (Germany from above - earth). It really starts with the Transformer's Score! *flails* Even if you don't udnerstand German, the pictures in the beginning with the music are made of awesome. ^^

I spam - therefore I am. HA! xD

BTW, the movie Outlaw with Sean Bean will be aired at 23.25 on Tele5. *squishes friendlies*
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