April 13th, 2010

[Emoticon] *headdesk*


OMG, are those for real? Black ladybugs with red dots?! And WTH, they are killers! On the roof infront of the kitchen window in the office they killed the red/w black dots ladybugs. O_o That is so wrong.

What's so right and aww: the birds are partly finished with their nests! Can't wait for the first younglings. ♥ Right next to the windows and balcony. :)
[SGU] Rush/Chloe - safe

Fangirl? Me? Naaaaah...

One hour and and a half to go. Which are supposed to be filled to the brim with paperwork (payroll accounting and making out invoices are so not fun) but I am slightly (okay, majorly!) distracted by prettysirenx awesome Rush/Chloe (SGU) stories and various Chakotay/Janeway (ST) ones. *flails*

I think there was a reason why I shouldn't have internet access in the office... xD