April 1st, 2010

[Misc] Mercy

That sucks. ARGH!

Gah, should have know it was coming. *sigh* The new management is evil. O_o

LiveJournal, Inc. is going to unlock all friends-only journals as well as friends-only entries. The company is sure that these journals and posts host illegal activity.

"These days privacy is no longer a luxury we can afford," said a LiveJournal, Inc. spokesman.

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[Misc] Text - love you

Sunshine & Snow

My sweet little ankareeda, you truely brought sunshine into this grey and rainy day with your Easter gift! *uggles* You are the best! It was so slow at work today that I made a deal with Mom that if she let me read the book, I won't shush work. xD

Love it, love it, love it! Hopefully the postal service will deliver yours on Saturday! ♥

Speaking of weather, it actually snowed twice today. Looking north the sun was shining while looking south it came down in bits and pieces. O_o

April is definitely twisting the weather around like crazy... *snorts*

FOUR DAYS OF HOLIDAY ! I SHALL NOT DO ANYTHING WORK-ISH! *nods* (that deserved capslock)