February 28th, 2010

[Legion] Michael/Charlie - stay here

Picspam | Michael & Charlie (Legion)

Since the first time I heard about it and saw the trailer, I went nuts about the movie itself but especially Michael/Charlie. xD They made it the first picspam of the new year. *lol*

Image-heavy and SPOILER-ish. Capped all their scenes plus a few extras that didn't appear like that in the movie but should have. Phew.

HERE @ street_of_mercy
[Misc] Quote - wicked cool

Part-time lover. Hmpf.

I am really like that at the moment with LJ. So much going on in RL that I can barely keep up with my f'list and fandom in general.

Except for Legion, I mostly watch the movies and tv shows without tuning into fandom. That sucks! I so want to read fanficiton and fangirl, but time is going by so fast that all I hear is that wooshing sound. O_o

Stupid sisters decided to go all wild!girls and skipped school. Again. Dad and their mother are divorced and they live a few houses down the street. Whenver there are school problems, they call their mother but last Monday they coudnt reach her and called Dad.

Who had no idea that my sisters were skipping school quite often. Ouch. So, big screaming match, lotsa dramadramadrama and tears and WTF should I care if they go to school or not when they told me again and again that it's none of my concern if they fail school unless I do their homework? O__o

Now Dad thinks it's The Idea if they come to our house after school (around 2pm) and do their homework in the office while I'm still there (I would have to stay longer as well cause an hour would probably not be enough).

Second day they were in the office, five minutes later they came whining and cursing, I should do their stuff cause they had really important things to do. Like texting and calling friends and whatnot.

ARGH! I told Dad it's his job. Monday either he's next door with them (or takes them to his rooms) or I'll not be responsible for my actions. I'm going to ignore them and leave at 3pm, no matter what.


Germans, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN! And Amercians, GO, GO, GO *goes all ice hockey crazy*! xD