February 17th, 2010

[SG1] Jack/Sam  - fishing

Sunice instead of Sunrise. *snerks*

So, my hometown had three days of clear skies and therefore super-icy temperatures (-12 °C today). No clouds until the late evening.

You think "Oh, pretty sun and spring-feeling!", open the door/window and...instant freezy face. *headdesk*

Science really sucks sometimes. If the clouds would at least bring snow but they are being weird and all we get is more ice in the morning that lasts and lasts and lasts and the sun doesn't work properly, too. Phew.

Due to these circumstances, we are now oficially cut off from any salt/grit resources that our county still has. The newpaper printed that news yesterday and a few hours later a truck with grit was "kidnapped" by a few locals...

Not funny, really. Nope, not at all. *rotfl*

Icegeddon, welcome home. xD

I'm mostly staying home (pro for having the office right next door) and only go out if it's really necessary. Don't want to fall like so many others (the hospital around the corner has up to 15 patients each day). Work is keeping mom and me busy anyway (you would think that there's less paperwork but somehow it's tripling) and after work we usually pull out the blankets and have girls-days. =D

Meaning, we watch a lot of DVDs, movies and series alike. Btw, that reminds me that RTL2 is airing Stargte Continuum at 20.15 tonight! *flails* So cute and amusing Jack/Sam moments, few but intense. *-*

Not only is RTL2 airing Stargate SG1, Tele5 is also airing them from the start again! First season and all. ♥