February 1st, 2010

[Misc] Moonlight

*pokes paperclip*

It's been snowing non-stop - and I mean non-stop - since Friday. O_o

I haven't been round the Net much cause Mom and I had a sort-of bonding weekend, being snowed in and all. She finally watched all Fringe episodes with me even though half of the time she's asking what's going to happen next and I was telling her to shush. xD

Back is getting better, still hurting when I turn the wrong way and I can't sit for a long time which means less time on the computer which annoys the hell outta me. Blah.

Work is having an X-Files moment or two and tripling whenever I'm not looking. Very weird and very headdesk-worthy. Hmm.

Could be that it is MONDAY again - my, my, how the time goes by...