January 23rd, 2010

[Misc] Mercy - 9 crimes


My uncle spilled milk on the stairs on Thursday and who slipped and fell about 12 steps down on her back?

Yup, me. *headdesk*

Nothing broken but my lower back looks like a train wreck and hurts like a bitch. At least I managed to turn before I fell cause otherwise I would have met the stairs face first. O_o

The training on how to control your body even in the most extreme situations was useful for something.

I'm skimming my f'list and I just want to say again, how much I love you guys, you really made a big difference in my life in the last four years. :)

[Stock] Computing


I wanted to join koryou and scout78 at Google Wave but apparently it doesn't like me having FrameShots open at the same time.

Ach, menno. *pouts*

But I don't wanna stop capping V (2009) and Fringe in 1280x700 px. So much tension and UST. ♥ And there is no logo. *bounce*

[Fandom Paradise] fandom paradise

Rec | Fanfiction #010

Another round of fanfiction. What would we do without? :D

-> Loved and very recommended

Fandom: Primeval | Becker/Sarah
Story: Searching | T | Romance/Humour
Status: WIP (each chapter is complete)
Author: Child of Loki
Summary: While searching for their lost teammates, Sarah and Becker find one another… A series of shorts. Post-Series 3.

Fandom: Primeval | Becker/Sarah
Story: Tight Spot | T | Romance/Humour
Status: Complete
Author: Child of Loki
Summary: Sarah finds herself in a tight spot along with a certain 'soldier boy'...

Fandom: The Closer | Flynn/Brenda
Story: Interlude | K+ | General/Romance
Status: Complete
Author: Laurie M
Summary: Mistletoe should come with a warning, especially for Brenda when Andy Flynn is around. Or maybe it's vice versa.

Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean | Jack/Elizabeth
Story: Bittersweet Confessions | T | Romance/Drama
Status: Complete
Author: Whispered Desire
Summary: Just as she was about to make another argument, he took one step forward and kissed her. Before Elizabeth quite knew what was happening, her arms were around him, his around her, and she was kissing him back with all the ferocity she could muster.
[Misc] Quote - wicked cool

Itch. Argh.

Now my back started itching as well and that's annoying. *meh*

Anyway, the Drabble Me meme has still a few slots left! I wouldn't mind a request for Peter/Olivia (Fringe) and the last episode or for Jack/Erica (V 2009). Just a few suggestions since I cannot request myself. Unless I pull out my mirror!self... hmmm. ^^

Why is there no itchy mood?