January 9th, 2010

[Emoticon] *rotflmao*

Dead. On. My Feet.

Week was a blast - cold, wet and windy. And I kinda liked it. O_o

Anyway, it's weekend *flails* and before I fall face first (OMG, already 99.9% asleep and still able to alliterate!) into my couch-bed, I present you the deal of your life:
Buy 10 editions of the Ten Commandments and you get 1 for free.

Wait, we have to pay for the Lord's words? And only get one of the ten for free? Phew.


No wonder His business is all shiny and called Kingdom...
[Misc] Quote - wicked cool

Wheee, fandom!

I've been busy with catching up on fandom, mainly The Vampire Diaries (Damon/Elena), Glee (Puck/Rachel) and Primeval (Becker/Sarah).

Fandom tends to splode with posts, even featuring the actors and actresses. Real People Shipping here we come. *grins*

But Primeval is currently my favourite; especially with that couple. ♥ Then I read that the show was send to bye-bye land in early 2009 but apparently in late 2009 a deal was truck between ITV, Watch, Impossible Pictures, German broadcaster Pro7 and BBC Worldwide.

Two more seasons (or series; however you see it) in 2011. *flails*

Until then we have to be happy with S3 and fanfiction, though there isn't much for Becker/Sarah. :( But those that are on LJ and FF.Net are real pieces of gold. *nods*

Well, and there's always the option for picspams. =D