November 18th, 2009

[Iron Man] Pepper - world's best

You're hot when your cold...


Monday morning and you think all is going to be la-la. Phew.

We thought wrong.

The heater in the second cellar had a not-so-minor leak and went all suicidal. Completely with boiling water and black smoke.

The two-days clean up was not pretty, nu-uh, all smelly and fouly and GAH! *pouts* It went so far that my brother and I threw up from the smell. And we don't do that. Ever. O_o

At least this morning has clear sky, lots of sun and the air smells like FLOWERS! :D

And I'm busy eating Sour Dinosaurs Gummi Candy and Berries Gummi Candy. *yum*
[Misc] Moonlight

New audio-book Bible

Well, I have several versions of the bible but never before one like this. *hmm*

Let Richard Dreyfuss' people go

A new audio-book version of the Bible, jam-packed with stars, has made it to shelves in time for the holidays. Richard Dreyfuss does Moses, Max Von Sydow does Noah and Gary Sinise is David, but they're just the beginning. The cast of 600 includes John Heard (Matthew), Lou Diamond Phillips (Mark), Chris McDonald (Luke) and Louis Gossett Jr. (John). Luke Perry is Judas. Who's Jesus? James Caviezel, who played the role once before, in Mel Gibson's "The Passion of Christ." Producer Carl Amari told The Times that he pitched the project to Christian publisher Thomas Nelson.

"I always thought it would be cool to do a radio drama of the Bible," said Amari, who grew up "not real religious" in the Catholic Church. "You're dramatizing the greatest story ever told. It's God's word. How can you make God's word lift off the page? With great actors, great sound effects and music."...

When Amari projected that the venture would cost $4 million, the entire Thomas Nelson board of directors "looked at me," he recalled. It would be a leap of faith, given that the company's previous audio Bibles had cost at most $17,000 to produce. Then again, just 20,000 copies constituted a bestseller.

The audio Bible -- which is a faithful rendering of the New King James Version -- includes a musical score and evocative sound effects, just like a film."It's verbal Cinerama," said actor Michael York, who narrates both the Old and New Testaments. The 79-CD, 90-hour set costs $125. [full article]

Maybe more people are going to finally "read" the bible. I know for sure that my siblings would jump at the chance. :)
[Misc] Text - blah blah crap

Cat Attack!

A horde of wild cats (with a few rebel-home-cats) just gallopped over the roof.


I soooooo don't wanna know what they were after. The screeching and whining was nightmarish enough. Thank you very much.

But, you know, if they went from left to right, they probably have to get back the same way, right?

So. Not. Cool. Nope.

*glares at roof and plots death-by-mice*