January 22nd, 2009

[Misc] Gummy Bears

Outside. All alone.

DPD is seriously frakked up. Seriously.

I step out to get sweets and nearly fall over three packages. O_o My brother and I had ordered various stuff last week and the internet notification said they would arrive today.

So far so good.

But why the frak didn't the DPD guy RING THE BELL? No bell, no knocking, nada. He put the packages outside our door (which is directly at the street) and went poof.

Mom already phoned the company. They say the packages have been accepted and they have a signature to proof it.


Tomorrow we will get to see that signature cause one thing is for sure: No one of my folks accepted the goods. Ergo: The signature is falsified.

I'm so never going to use DPD ever again. *frustrated argh*