December 21st, 2008

[SG1] Team - foursome

Stargate Universe!

Eeeeeep!!!! :D

I'm working on snobantiker's wishes - that's why I stumbled over it. =D

In Summer 2009 we're going to have a new Stargate series. *flails*

Stargate Universe is an upcoming science fiction television series, part of the Stargate franchise. The series was green lit on August 22, 2008 and is scheduled to debut as a two- or three-hour movie and then begin regular weekly airings on SCI FI in summer 2009. Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper will serve as executive producers and writers. The projected film start of Stargate Universe is February 4, 2009.


Like the first two series in the franchise, Stargate Universe will take place during the present time, not in the distant future. The show will be set on an Ancient ship, the Destiny, that was part of an Ancient experiment to seed the galaxies with Stargates millions of years ago but that was prematurely ended by the Ancients' ascension. A second ship would follow up and explore, using the ninth and final gate chevron (whose purpose was previously unknown) to get to the first ship. A team of soldiers and scientists from Earth step through the Stargate to find the Destiny (which has a Stargate onboard) after their base is attacked. Unable to return to Earth, they must fend for themselves aboard the ship as it takes them to the far reaches of the universe.

Woah, that sounds definitely worth-watching. :D They are finally using the ninth(!) chevron and a new ship. *lol* Not bad, not bad.

Colonel Everett Young – Described as "40's handsome, capable, former SG team leader" who is "like the Jack O'Neill of ten years ago", yet with sharper edges. At the beginning of Stargate Universe, he has been married for two years and is the temporary commander of a secret off-world base.

Tamara Jon – An SGC field medic in her early twenties with off-world experience. She has a modest background, yet is "beautiful, tough, smart, capable." At the beginning of the series, she is overwhelmed by the lack of medical knowledge, experience, medicine and supplies aboard the ship.

Chloe Carpenter – A "stunning and sexy" daughter of a US Senator around her twenties, whose character is tested "after her father's tragic death and the dire circumstances of being trapped on a spaceship".

Eli Hitchcock – A "total slacker" in his early twenties and an "utter genius" in mathematics, computers and other fields. He is a social outcast with an "acerbic sense of humor", and lacks confidence in his intelligence. The character breakdown compares him to "Matt Damon's character from Good Will Hunting with a little Jack Black thrown in".

Lt. Jared Nash – A skilled and well-trained Junior SGC member in his early twenties who is "mentally unprepared for the urgency of the situation" aboard the ship.

Ron "Psycho" Stasiak – A "big, strong, silent" marine aged 20 with a mysterious past who lacks control over his temper in non-combat situations. The character breakdown compares him to Eric Bana's character "Hoot" in Black Hawk Down.

He's married? WTH? Seriously people, are you trying to curse every leader? *facepalm* From the characters description, I already love the two women (or in this case, girls). The male members seem to have their share of hang-ups as well. *snickers*

We will see... ^^