December 20th, 2008

[Madagascar] *grouphugs*

Stupid. Phew.

*kicks internet connection*

Thursday night some workers cut the cables in the neighborhood... from one moment to the other we had no tv and internet. *headdesk*

Two days (until around 11am this morning) we were ALL ALONE! *snickers* My brother was cut off in the middle of a Very Important Game and nearly died from the headbanging. =D

I couldn't post the new emoticon calendar days (*sulks*)! That's so not funny. :(

Oh, oh, jr_moon I got your card! *hugs* Thank you so much, hon. ♥

nessaja82, your super-heavy package arrived as well! *squishes* What did pack?! A folded TARDIS? *grins* Mom nicked it and put in the Christmas security container until the 24th. =D

Edit: Wheee, hipapheralkus, your card was just delivered! *loves* Thank you, sweetie. :)