December 17th, 2008

[Misc] Text - love you

Cards! *hums*

Oh, I got mail. ^^ (Me finally managed to send cards out, too - so darn proud. Heh.)

eirenealetheia, sapphs & kejsarinna send me wonderful Season's & Christmas' Greetings with lots of love and hugs. ♥

They really made my sort of misty day. :D Thank you so much! *squishes*

I hope to manage to send the Christmas gifts to the following on time (before it's all over and hello, Easter!):

fairyfloss_love, ukumai, kateheightmeyer, shironezumi, nessaja82, billy_red_ocean, ankareeda, koryou, scout78 and jr_moon.

Soooo spamming the postal service - I'm their nightmare. *lolz*

Various graphics gifts should be finished by Christmas. *crosses everything available*