November 22nd, 2008

[Misc] Moonlight

It's squeaking! But it ain't me...

My brother just had his first experience with a squadron of little ebil devils - otherwise known as children.


So, we were back from a trip to the supermarket (can you belive it? We are out of sweets! *flails*) and at the corner of our street we encountered a group of elementary school students with their teacher.

Walking around them, we heard a squeaking sound.
Teacher: "Hey, who's backpack is squeaking?"

Boy with Batman™ cap: "That guy with the weird hairstyle." *points at my brother*

Me & Jack: O_ô

Girl: "He's got bad shoes. Not fit for snow."

Me & Jack: O__ô

Group: *evil eyes*

Me & Jack: O___ô

Teacher: "Yeah, well, sneakers are really a bad choice for such weather."

Jack: "I'm sorry but these are Chuck Taylor All-Stars™. They walk through fire and snow." *phews*

Says and stalks off. The teacher just shakes her head and the group takes off, too.

Me? Having the time of the day. *grins* Though my brother is right about the Chucks - they do survive everything. :D
[Happy Feet] Snow

You've got snow.

So. There be snow (yes, we have it now, too...). Since yesterday evening we have steady snowfall, sometime stronger sometimes it's like feathers.

Since we offer "Clearing your property of snow" as part of our services as a faility management company, we had to visit about 15 clients yesterday. Fun to no end. *sarcasms*

Didn't help though... today we got snowed again...

Collapse )

The video is in German and basically I'm babbling about how snowy and cold it is, the footsteps of the 7 Dwarfs and how we shoveld snow for nothing yesterday.

And yes, I "bliped" the "a****-kalt". =D