September 20th, 2008

[Iron Man] Tony/Pepper - names

Can I quit my family?

Boy, I'm seriously tempted to pack my laptop/mom and move faaaaar away. Like Alaska. Or Ca-na-da (which is definitely NOT a state of the U.S.). *nods*

This week kinda resembled a SEAL training... just not as much fun as that. From now on I'll never again play backup-teacher to my sister's class. No way.

They had this test about the states of the U.S. and their capitols. Let's just say that - if we use their version - America is the world with a few parts missing along the way.

Then my brother had the male-version of PMS (I'm going to knock him up 'n' down if he doesn't stop soon) and behaved like a b*tch. *headdesk* Not my fault if he forgets to register his bike...

And last, my uncle married Jane and I couldn't be bridesmaid because he married in Denmark where you don't need one and I hadn't had the time anyway. *sulks*

BUT now it's weekend and I'm working Photoshop like a woah.

Trying to make a manip of Iron Man's Pepper Potts as the main woman from Witchblade: peek-a-boo.

The new WB movie is plannnd for 2009 but no names have been released yet, so I was able to use the promo poster without any problems. I've been a fan of the shot TV series back in the 90s and my sister is totally in awe of the possibility of a manip. =D