July 29th, 2008

[Emoticon] spam!

Gah. Whatever.

The weather sucks.

Four days of intense sun fire - wiiiide open blue sky and hot, humid heat. It's the humid part that sucks. You touch a door handle and... hello - stickiness.

But now comes the bummer. Rain and mentioned conditions equals smelly fishbowl feeling. Yuck.

Bless my brother's room (coldest in the house). No blessing on himself. He's a guy. Which means in his case: I am MAN. Hear me roar. And get me pizza. Oh and could you wash my clothes, tidy the bathroom,...

Not. Cool. At All.

Gotta find a way to melt myself back together. And my sisters who are kinda sorta stuck to me. School holiday is a wonderful thing. *sarcasms*

(Woah, sticky melty weather makes icky, bitchy Mercy... Phew?!)

P.S. We did use waterguns in the house last weekend - wood and stone floors don't care. ^^
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