July 18th, 2008

[Stock] Muffin

Time and time again

So. I'm back.

I have not been abducted by aliens (neither Goaul'd nor Cylons), I have not been send on a super-sekrit mission (im)possible by the government and I have alos not eaten my notebook. I only took a 'lil bit. Honestly.

What I have been doing since April is: Taking care of a member of my family, being the only one there for my sisters in this really bad time and working overtime to get my brother ready for his studies.

Real Life sucked me in and did not spit me out.

And to top it: My notebook decided it does not like any browsers anymore. Everything else worked fine (last.fm, updates, etc.) but since I hadn't alot of time anyway, it didn't irked me as much as I thought.

I got a new one yesterday. Hee. ^^ The whole new Windows Vista thing is a bit weird but I'm getting used to it. *pokes*

A lot to catch up but much better than the last three and a half months. :D

Love you guys! *squishes*