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26 April 2008 @ 08:49 pm
*sighs* Darn, I promised billy_red_ocean I would "report for duty" yesterday evening but my sisters decided to have a girls-night with lotsa cheesy romantic movies. Ouch. Sorry my wonderful twinlight! *wibbles*

And then, in the middle of "Pretty Woman", we fell asleep and woke up to horrible neck pain. Never try to fit three people on a counch designed for one. Which means... it's in fact an armchair. Hmmm, quite the disguise...

Ahem, anyway, yesterday, I finally was able to relax for the first time in two weeks. I was barely online those last 14 days or so - just to check mails, answer questions and send out finished requests.

My days were spent cursing the bank and our postal service. The bank messed up the salary payment and we had to write out checks for our around 150 employees. And since the postal service is on strike, we had to get the checks to them by ourselves.

Not to mention all the paperwork it caused... usually it's all managed via the electronical way and we have exactly one paper with the data. But now? 150 check copies plus 150 single data sheets. God, I love it. *headdesk*

But it's all over now (*hums*) and hopefully next week will just be peacefully and boring. Cause right now? I would love boring pretty much. *grins*

Btw, speaking of peacfully... to celebrate the first week of spring, I took a few photos this morning of our oh-hey-it's-spring-I'm-gonna-go-green chestnut tree. One day it's still blank and the next it goes BAM! Green and wow, I love the sight of it and feeling of spring in the air. :D

I'm probably going to spam a bit this weekend. Hee... ^^
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26 April 2008 @ 09:20 pm

Mechanical Electronic Replicant Calibrated for Yelling

Get Your Cyborg Name

Nice. No, really. That bit with the "Replicant" I knew but the "Yelling" part? *snickers* Must be the yelling for muffins... =D

Malevolent, Explorer-Reaping Creature of Yuckiness

Get Your Monster Name

*rotflmao* Is "Yuckiness" even a word?
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