March 31st, 2008

[Misc] Moonlight

Boredom & Creativity

Babysitting is boring.

*ducks to avoid flying pillows*

Oooookay, I take it back. It's deadly. You know, flying pillows can smack you to death. *nods*

Anyway, I'm still breathing and bored. Saturday I stumbled over the HP Design to Inspire Contest and decided to make three banners for it to avoid death by boredom.

You are only allowed to use pictures that are copyrighted by you (some seem to have problems with that... o.O) or art done by you. The funny thing is, I found out that Photoshop has some pretty neat tricks up its sleeve. ^^

They gave me ideas for new LJ layouts at the same time... *grins*

Last Exit to Eden | Pink Punk | Life full of colours

Oh and if you've entered (and I somehow missed it), give me the link and I'll vote for you. :)