March 29th, 2008

[Misc] Moonlight

Stupidity & Fun

I'm a klutz. Completely klutz-ish. *shakes head*

Yesterday I was making tea and instead of pouring the boiling water into the cup, I poured it over my right hand. Only minor burning but I still have to wear a bandage. And it's itching. *facepalm*

Unfortunately I still can type and that means I still have to feed our data into our office computer. Darn, fate really has a field day with me...

To cheer me up, I sneaked-a-peek while my sister was surfing and found these. *snickers*

Haiku2 for mercscilla
i'm totally gone
and my ship is still around
and my ship soooo does
Created by Grahame

Haiku2 for mercscilla
like woah i love you
baby always and i'll leave
this life behind me
Created by Grahame

I also finished a batch of 164 icons at street_of_mercy and made a new layout for the community. It will be available in three different colours for everyone as soon as I figured out how to kick the code into the right place. ^^;

Oh and dear weather: From 0°C to 17°C in one night? No sports car can beat that.

*is off to hunt down sister who got the ice* Have a wonderful day/night/in between, my friends. :D
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