March 26th, 2008

[Misc] Moonlight

Jericho - Season Two Finale / Fandom

Awww, Jericho SEASON finale. Yeah, I'm one of those who's ignoring the series finale (second one that is) and believes in the powers of fandom. *nods*

And from the first episode of S2, I've become a Beck/Heather shipper. o.O

Why does every of my weird ships has some serious angsty family history going on? The male part, that is.

Either his kid is dead, wife is still around and my ship doesn't happen. Not really. (Stargate SG1 - O'Neill/Carter)

Or his wife is dead, kid is still around and my ship still doesn't happen. (Tin Man - Cain/DG)

Or both are probably dead and my ship is still nowhere. (Jericho - Beck/Heather)

Or, my favourite, wife and kid are alive and my ship soooo does not happen at all. (Andromeda - Rhade/Beka)

Wow, it's a miracle I'm still shipping at all...

Anyway, my newest couple has some really great scenes, especially in the last episode. UST of the best kind. :D

The problem is, I'm still a Jake/Heather shipper, kinda, but there wasn't much happening in the second season. *sigh* Though I'd have loved me some Jake/Heather/Beck tension... ending in Beck/Heather. Sorry Jake, but you are out. *meh*

Which resulted in beck_heather. *looks innocent*

*goes back to icons and capping*