February 26th, 2008

[Stock] Star

Busy Night


I'm a freak and my brother is a klutz.

How's your life?

No, really, it's sooooo freaky and yet funny. I have mismatched eyes. My left one is blue with grey dots while my right one is green-ish with one big yellow dot. Freaky. *nods* What's even freakier? I just noticed it cause someone shone a flashlight in my eyes and went all "AHHH! FREAK!".

That explains partly the klutz-ness of Jack. *rollseyes* He seems to love doorframes so much that he walks right into them. And it's not the fault of his crutches. Nu-uh. Five times, three time the same doorframe. The last time after he flashy-thinged me...

It was such a quiet place until then. *sigh* I was checking for new series they are airing here in Germany. :)

The first season of Eureka started yesterday while they are going to air Threshold from the 3rd March on. Though they decided to rename it... Nemesis - Der Angriff. *facepalm*