February 19th, 2008

[Emoticon] *headdesk*

It's my life...

Home, sweet... ehm, LJ? Room? MY LIFE!!! *bounce*

My dear brother, Jack the Tripper, broke his left feet in the night from the 8th to the 9th February.

He had a very ungraceful run-in with the stairs. *coughs* He so does not like his new nickname. =D

At the hospital we were told that it was a simple fracture and in about 10 days (which was this morning) he could finally walk around with crutches.

Until then I was his "nurse". Since he and dad live right above the office, my life the last 11 days was divided between work and my brother. He's a real sissy. Cooking this, getting him that, fluffing the pillows, poking his eyes out.

Okay, the last was mine. *grins* But honestly, he knows how to make good use of his "inability". At least we played most of his PS2 games and I had endless access to his comic collection.

I was exactly one time for about ten minutes online because his computer is so oldschool. And I thought mine Win98 was bad... "press Start to fail".

Me is terrible sorry for not keeping up with you guys and I'll try to work my way through my f'list. ^^

*tacklehugs her f'list*

Btw, my brother's first words after the accident: "Thank god it wasn't the right one - the cast will clash horribe with my tattoo." *facepalm*