December 1st, 2007

[Lilo & Stitch] Stitch - sad

Yeah, well, I guess it's okay now...

I am so very sorry for missing out on you guys. Two months, full of crappy RL totally threw me over and sideways so many times I've lost count. *phew*

First my half-brothers mother turned up out nof nowhere (Miss Evil Ex-Stepmother herself. *shudder*) and tried to play games with my family (and totally failed. Ha.), then my uncle's girlfriend from Africa came to visit and everyone except my mom and I gets freaked out by it (my uncle wants to marry her. So what?), my brother lost his driver's license (too fast driving does that - his loss. No sympathy from my side. He had kids in his car...), my sisters hit the how-do-I-get-a-boyfriend phase (and ask me for advice - I feel so special. Not.) and my mom's chronic bronchitis reared its ugly head for nearly three weeks but we managed to get it under control.

So, how where your two months? :D

What I also missed where lots of birthdays. Please, forgive me?

Happy belated Birthday

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May your new year be filled with love, friends and cookies. ^^

Luff you, my awesome f'list! *squishes*
[Stock] Heart

Dhoom 2 - Thiefs have never been sexier...

I think it was last weekend my sisters managed to make me watch Dhoom 2, the very first Bollywood movie I've ever seen.

And, OMG, I love it. *dies* Thiefs have never been sexier...

We bought the DVD and it's even better to hear them in Hindi - I rather watch Japanese drama with subtitles too.

Oh and the dance sequences? I'm still giggling like woah. *luffs*

FUYM will be happy soon. :)